Hand Operating Machine

Hand Operating Machine
One Time Investment Life Time Income!
We are glad for the interest shown in ceiling fan coil winding Machine.This new machine is improved after years of experiments and accommodates various needs and suggestions from customers.
This unique model incorporates maximum operating economy and quality of being suitable.
Anyone can master the operations in a few hours.
The only SIX DIE(One Die sliding system) use to change different types of dies.

Our machine is designed to rewind all types of ceiling fans' coils.
One can rewind manually two or three stators; Using our machine, one can rewind 10 stators in 8 hours.
SIX DIE(One Die sliding system) is provided for ceiling fan winding. Able to rewind all kinds of ceiling fans' stators.
ONE YEAR WARRANTY with this machine.
Carrying forward a Tradition of Excellence for More than A Decade!